Testimonials from goHarness Members:

My experience with goHarness has been one of fun, excitement, and making new friends. The hands on approach with our syndicate horses on race day and at stable visits is the highlight for me...being welcome to interact with our trainers and drivers before and after races and most of all our beautiful horses, even though we are only small shareholders, is fantastic! The goHarness team are very approachable, friendly and professional and I absolutely love being involved! - Christchurch

goHarness has provided me an amazing start to horse ownership. Syndication is an affordable way to race genuine race day contenders and the syndicate works hard to get the best value for its members. I was involved in the Staxofun syndicate for less than 24 hours before my first win and I cant believe we have had 10 more since then. Although living outside of Christchurch can be hard on harness enthusiasts, I have attended 3 of our horse's recent runs, and whilst they were all wins, it was the experiences provided by the racing club, committees, fellow owners and the stable representatives that have made being part of goHarness Staxofun!

Brad Wellington NZ

My wife Johanna & I joined "goHarness" 5 years ago. 

We have subsequently had a share in all the syndicates since then and to date have enjoyed cheering 27 winners across the line.

In addition to going to the races I also enjoy attending the workouts or trials where possible catching up with other syndicate members and sharing the successes and disappointments that come with horses.

Noel and Bella are very approachable and Bella does a great job keeping everyone informed.

Bruce - Christchurch NZ

I have been involved with goHarness since Franco Harrison. Since thes first syndicate, I have been in every other syndicate since. Not every race do we get a winner but this isn't why I joined. I joined goHarness to meet lots of new friends and to have fun with people who have the same interest in horse ownership as I do. goHarness is a wonderful way to get into horse ownership and from the beginning of purchasing the horses to seeing them race for the first time it is always a great thrill. goHarness is a fun family that I am happy and proud to be a part of.

Vicki Christchurch NZ

“Fun, social, exciting and very affordable...I love being involved in Go Harness! It doesn’t matter how big your share is, nothing beats cheering ‘your’ horse home and the celebration afterwards!!”

Kim Christchurch NZ