Latest News:

7th February 2019

Please see below for Jacks report on Queen of Hearts: 

Jeanie (Queen of Hearts) has come back into work this week and has done terrific on her spell. Jeanie has really filled out and put on a lot of weight. 

The first month she will just be jogging up doing quiet work and then start hooking into some fast work. 

Given what she was doing last prep I'd like to think that if everything goes to plan she should get to the trials this time in and show us what she can do. Although the family does seem to get better with age I do like what she has shown us at this early stage of her career.

Make Believe aka Biff will be out for another 1-2 weeks and is enjoying his life at home with us.

Both of there siblings are going through the NZB yearling sales so for those of you with an interest in the sales and progeny it will be a good comparison on their younger siblings to them now. It will hopefully give us a good guide as to how much they are worth to dependent on the sale price of their siblings.

15th January 2019

Both Queen of Hearts and Make Believe have had a good festive period and are both very well within themselves.

Queen of Hearts: Jeanie will continue spelling until the 1st of February before she comes in for an important preparation with the aim to qualify. We expect to see Jeanie going to the workouts at the end of March which will be very exciting and hope to get a video of her working at the end of February to send out to you all.

Make Believe: Biff was sent for a spell over the weekend and has ended up at the Storer residence enjoying Dad’s and myself’s attention and TLC. Jack felt that Biff could have gone to the trials, qualified and had a few races however he was of the opinion that he was concerned that the racing may be too hard at this stage. Jack has a very high opinion of this horse and therefore we are proceeding with caution to enable him to be the best he can be. Biff will be out for 4-6 weeks before coming in for his qualifying and race prep in early to mid-February.

Please see below (click on below) Biff yesterday with his new mate Reg (the horse) enjoying the cooler weather.

21st December 2018

Please see below the reports from Jack regarding Make Believe and Queen of Hearts

Make Believe: Biff has been working great I’m really happy with his progress. We are starting to inject some speed into his work and build his confidence up. He has missed a beat yet and his manners are perfect as well, over the next few weeks ill keep throwing more work at him and get a good idea on how far away from a trial he is.

Queen of Hearts: Jeanie has been sent for a spell as she becoming too tired and contacted a virus that went throughout the stable. She will have 2 months off before coming back in for her qualifying prep.

11th November

Please see below updates on Queen of Hearts and Make Believe from Jack Harrington. I will try and get out after cup week and arrange to have some video footage taken of them both in full work.

Queen of Hearts: Jeanie has been working up great and I’m really happy with her progress. I can’t fault her work at all and can definitely feel her confidence growing each time she works. She will stay in work for a couple more weeks and then possibly look at a trial but if at the time I feel she’s not quite ready she can just have a spell and trial next preparation.

Make Believe: Biff is coming up nicely. He has been jogging up and this week started fast working. For now, he is just going to be doing some long slow conditioning work and gradually we will build his work up over the next few weeks. I am really happy with how he’s looking and holding his condition.

17th October

Upon visiting Jacks stables a fortnight ago I was pleased to meet Jeanie (Queen of Hearts) and see Biff (Make Believe) again to welcome them into the goHarness family. Please see below for Jacks comments on them both followed by a video of Jeanie working.

Queen of Hearts: Jeanie has coming up great and Im happy with her progress. Shes done her time jogging and is now starting some fast work and will gradually build up over the next couple months. She has a great way of going and has a will to be out there.

Make Believe: Biff has filled into himself well over the past few months. He will continue on with his preparation and will keep jogging for a little while longer. He certainly knows what he's here to do and has a great nature.