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About goHarness Syndicates: 

Thanks to goHarness Syndication, hundreds of happy racing fans continue to experience the thrill of successful racehorse ownership for a fraction of the normal cost.

goHarness offers a wide range of different options to suit your budget and desires
(1) syndicates that offer varying payment options of monthly fees, a one off fee or initial fees then monthly ongoing
(2) syndicates that remain operating for the entire racing career of the horses owned and/or leased or that operate for a set time period between 2-3 years generally

In other words, we've got something for everyone - and something for everyone's budget.

You won't have to wait very long either, because on average we launch a couple of new syndicates every year.

Currently there are 4 syndicates in operation with another syndicate beginning in 2019, give us a call if you want to find out more or check out the rest of our website.

goHarness... New Zealand's largest and most professional harness racing syndication company